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Chicken Pot Pie Fund Raiser Information for Organizations

Cost: Each 9" deep dish pie is sold to your organization for $15.00. Your organization may sell it for the price you choose, however most organizations choose to sell it for $20.00.

How it Works: Your organization would pick a couple of weeks to sell the pies with a specific cutoff date. During those weeks, we ask that you periodically send us a tally of how many pies have been sold so we can work ahead. Once the cutoff date has arrived, we will need several days to complete the order before delivery. For instance, you might choose to have your cutoff date be on a Monday and then we would set the delivery date to be the following Friday. We will supply the order sheets for each member to keep track of sales and to turn into Tana's Kitchen on the cutoff date.

Payment: All checks should be made out to Tana's Kitchen. Payment to Tana's Kitchen is due on the cutoff date when we get the final tally. We will then write you a check for the profit.

Delivery: The pies will be delivered to one specific location and your organization will be responsible for final distribution. There is no delivery charge. Keep in mind that the pies will be frozen when they are delivered. In the past, organizations have had us deliver close to when a practice or meeting ends so that the orders can go home with the parents at that time.

Please call Tana's Kitchen at 540-347-9872 for more information. You may also send an email to Tana. Thank you for considering Tana's Kitchen's Chicken Pot Pie for your fund raiser.

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