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How Tana's Kitchen Works

All of our full-size entrées feed 4 to 6 people.

Entrées Pick Up and Delivery Cost Per Serving
12 $250 $3.47
8 $190 $3.95
4 $105 $4.37

All of our half size entrées feed 2 to 3 people.

Entrées Pick Up and Delivery Cost Per Serving
12 $135 $3.75
8 $114 $4.75
4 $65 $5.42

Delivery will be free within a 10 mile radius of Tana's Kitchen.
Additional charges will apply if you live outside the 10 mile radius of Tana's Kitchen.

1. Meal Sign Up

Sign Up for your Tana's Kitchen meal Pick Up or Delivery, by fax or by phone. It's easy and just takes a few minutes. Select 4, 8 or 12 entrées from our menu of 14 scrumptious recipes.

2. Preparing for the Day of your Pick Up or Delivery

Clean out your freezer to make room for your new meals. Your entrées will be placed in bags, but feel free to bring a cooler or laundry basket to take your meals home in.

3. At Home With Your Meals

Throughout the next month, choose from among the delicious meals from Tana's Kitchen. Easy to read and follow cooking instructions are on the labels along with side dish suggestions. Enjoy more time with your family while eating home-cooked meals.  If your instructions are ruined or lost, you can find the instructions each month on our website.

Referral Program

Tell your friends about Tana's Kitchen. Refer a friend to Tana's Kitchen and receive a free side dish with your next order. Tell them to make sure they mention your name when they sign up.

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